2016 Gift Guide: For the Fashionista

OK, I’m totally overselling this post with the term fashionista, but I did want to include a few clothing and accessory picks on the guide. My personal style definitely leans towards casual comfort…hoodies and striped tees always accepted!

Sherpa Zip Hoodie | Tulle Cuffed Striped Tee

As are colorful socks…

J. Crew | Happy Socks | Smart Wool

…and jogger pajamas. (I’m a total convert!)

Constellation | Aerie

But, I also enjoy dramatic makeup…

Albeit: ChampagneChanel: Architectonic | Charlotte Tilbury: Love Liberty |

…and a dazzling accessory, every so often.

Radial Drops | Chandeliers | Floral Drops


Or, a little sparkle (or maybe a lot!) on the wrist.

iPhone Case | Ice Chunk Bracelet |

Maybe even a faux fur snood…simply because it’s called a SNOOD!


Faux Fur Snood

The holidays are a great time to gently nudge (or heartily push!) your friends and family outside of their typical fashion boxes. As much as we casual folks embrace a little sparkle from time to time, true fashionistas secretly enjoy kicking off their Louboutins and lounging around in their jimjams. Choose accordingly.


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