2016 Gift Guide: For the Wanderluster

Oh, boy! Where do I even start? There are so many fun travel items out there. I could probably just send you to Flight 001 and be done with it, but what about guides and gizmos and all the other gadgets?! I had a hard time narrowing it down, and I’m certain that I’ll go to sleep tonight thinking, “Wait, I left out…X, and Y, oh and what about Z…plus this other hundred things!!” I didn’t even get tap into the many travel size beauty items that are perfect for sneaking in your suitcase. But, here you have it, my Guide for the Wanderluster in your life.

All You Can Eat Press | Rough Guides | Wildsam Field Guides

These days, it easy to find a plethora of travel info online. There’s just one problem…internet access. While traveling, it can be expensive (or, simply impossible) to stay connected 24/7. From local specialty guides to traditional books, it’s sometimes nice to have analog options for the road.


Travel Stub Diary

I’m not sure what the average person does with all of the tickets and stubs they collect while traveling. More responsible folks probably send them straight to the trash. But I’m not a big shopper while journeying and can’t help but hoard these little mementos. Having a place to organize them all is a great idea!

Bramble and Beene | Ban.do | Flight 001Near & Far

A cute passport cover is something that I would never buy for myself but would totally love to give (or receive) as a gift. It just might make this essential document easier to spot in my bag. There have, admittedly, been a few moments of panic…

Paper Label Loungewear

There’s a great deal of debate about how one should dress on a plane. Though I’m not entirely on board with pj’s, I’m definitely not interested in dressing up. I’m #teamcomfy all the way. Thankfully, there is plenty of stylish loungewear in the world without having to resort to flannel drawstrings covered in pink penguins or purple corgis.

Bose SoundTrue Ultra | OstrichPillow Lite | Convertible Travel Blanket

I need a few things to successfully settle in for a long flight: noise canceling headphones, a good pillow, and a cozy blanket are key. It’s not always practical to tote all of these things along, but so nice when you’re able! I have an awesome inflatable pillow that tucks into a small bags when deflated and functions well in a variety of positions, depending on how little or much air I put in. 


After paying a crazy amount in extra fees to check our bags to Spain last year, the number one selling feature of this Trunkster suitcase is its built-in digital scale. Of course, zipperless entry, water resistance, USB charging (up to 4 times for iPhones), and location tracking via iOS and Android app don’t hurt!

VSSL | Hydaway | Prospector Co.

Compact is key! VSSL is a flashlight with survival gear (think fire starters, a wire saw, and first aid supplies) hidden inside! Wonder how TSA handles it. Hydaways are 12 oz and 21 oz collapsible water bottles with an optional storage case that tucks just about anywhere. Prospector Co. makes travel-friendly compressed towels perfect for quick cleanups. All great picks!

LifeProof Waterproof Case| QBracelet iPhone Charger

LifeProof cases are essential when heading to the beach. Perfect for taking fish-selfies while snorkeling! But, the case also protects your phone from sand. Win-win. And I love that Mark & Graham monograms QBracelets, making this practical travel techcessory much more stylish.


Scratch Map

Do you have a special way of keeping track of your travels? I’ve seen pin boards and photo displays, but I think this would motivate me to venture forth more often. Plus, how satisfying would it be to scratch off Antarctica?!?


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