Portland ADU Tour 2016 – Part 3

With all of the election madness, it’s taken me some time to finish up the ADU series. I’m going to try to get back to focusing on the things that I love – like architecture and design – to distract me from the swirl that lingers in my head, but it could take me some time to get back to regular posts. Right now, I’m taking in life as it comes. But, without further adieu, Part 3.

This ADU reminded me a lot of one of my favorites from last year. The design was different, but similarly simple, practical, and attractive. Plus, it had a model. That always makes me swoon!


I’m pretty sure that this was the only ADU we toured that wasn’t styled to match the main house. Unless they have plans to paint their home, this one is complimentary, but not the same.


It’s generally a bit more modern, with the cooler color and wood accents.


This “secret passageway” made the proximity of the ADU to the main house feel like an advantage rather than a detriment. Both homes share a lovely backyard, which may or may not be a bonus for your situation. I don’t think I would mind it too much, but it probably depends on your tenant.


The natural wood was carried through to the door, which has glass slats to bring more light into the home. An exterior fence maintains a sense of privacy. I think frosted glass would also work well on this door, but it definitely didn’t feel like anyone would be constantly peering in.


This is the kitchen I dreamt of having in NYC. Very compact, and yet completely functional. In fact, high-end appliances make it feel downright special.


As you can see, there’s not much in the way of counter space.


A dining table strategically positioned in the center of the room creates the perfect multi-function dining/prep/work space.


There is plenty of space in the open living room for full-size furniture. I did not confirm, but this couch sure looks like it folds out for guests.


Minimal design keeps things feeling clean and fresh, but you could certainly add built-ins or more shelving on this side of the room for additional storage.


A large closet to the right of the kitchen houses full-size washer/dryers, a standard hot water heater, and plenty of room for cleaning and pantry items.



Another terrific example of full-size stairs! Why are there so many small houses with ladders?! They are neither practical nor comfortable – completely unnecessary.


Stairwells also create opportunities for additional light sources that are also private…and pretty! Love the ledge for little decor touches, and this lamp. We lucked out with sunshine for this pic, but I bet that lamp is welcome on Portland’s rainier days.


The only bathroom for this unit is at the top of the stairs. It’s sleek and completely sufficient. I do, however, appreciate the units that have an extra half bath. I think this ADU could’ve squeezed one in downstairs with the washer/dryer and hot water heater, especially if they had incorporated a space-saving on-demand hot water heater.


Plenty of room in the upper level for a queen bed and some shelving or a dresser…or both.


To the far side of the bed is a small hallway overlooking the stairwell. This definitely makes the space brighter, but I might prefer an actual closet in that space.


I do like the potential for a little relaxing space up in the loft.


I could actually see myself living in this space! When planning for renters, you certainly don’t have to overthink the planning, but I think it’s a nice barometer to consider whether or not you would live there yourself. Who knows? There are any number of reasons it could happen, so you might as well plan for the possibility!

PROS: Bright, comfortable, luxurious…despite being small.

CONS: The kitchen might be just a touch too small on the counter space front. It’s hard for me to imagine making a holiday meal here, which we have managed in small apartments.

BEST HOMEOWNER LESSON: Prepare for the possibility of permitting fights – they might send you back to the drawing board and blow your budget/timeline. Plan a vacation during the process to give yourself a break.

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