Reflections on an Election


My heart is on fire today. My head weary from the rising smoke. My nerves flinching from the sparks.

I have faith that this searing blaze will die down soon enough, leaving behind a bed of red-hot embers to rekindle my activism. My mind is spinning now, but already plotting. Hate in the form of extreme bigotry and misogyny, intolerance of religious practices, cultural differences and lgbtqia+ citizens, and a willingness to turn a blind eye to scientific fact will not stand. Not in my house – not in Our House! This nation belongs to all of us, not just the haters, the ignorants, the deplorables. The fight for equality, human rights, and our first female president will continue.

I know that many are reeling today. I encourage you not to be paralyzed by your anger, your fear, your dismay. Take time to absorb this moment, to let it fuel you, but not so much that it defeats your spirit. We have come too far to take steps back now. There is no singular person who can handle the work alone. We truly are better together. So, grab hold of your causes – take charge. Raise hell!

Volunteer. Donate. March. Kneel. Lock arms. Sit in. Shout it out. Call your representatives. Build strength in numbers. Be the change you want to see in the world.

I do believe that all Americans share a goal of greatness. Of course, we have become incredibly divisive in our opinions about how to get there. It’s essential not to fear the “other”. Reach out. Do the work. Engage differing viewpoints. Share ideas. Brainstorm solutions. Question authority. Confront differences. Shatter the separation. Above all, never forget that we are all human – fragile, emotional, precious mortals. Be fierce, but also gentle, respectful, and kind.

Love is light. From the fiery embers our hearts will rise.


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