National Coffee Day!!


Every day is coffee day in my book. But, I’m happy to take a dedicated one…especially this week. Man, I am sleepy! These are the days that creep quickly towards darkness here in Seattle. While I appreciate not being woken up by birds at 4:30 am, it’s harder to pry my eyes open when the sun hasn’t quite cracked the horizon when the alarm goes off.

Alas, I am thankful for hard-working baristas who, miraculously, are always up before the sun to brew my daily fix…a grande iced extra-shot Americano with room for cream and sugar. That marbling moment above is Pavlovian to me!

Seattlites all have their favorite shops, and are willing to defend them mightily. There are many great spots, but these are my personal picks…


Diva Espresso – the Stone Way location is our daily stop, but there are 8 locations to choose from around town. Friendly baristas and gluten-free treats from nuflours. Plus, I enjoy sharing workspace on Fridays with the retiree French club.


Wheelhouse Coffee – The South Lake Union outpost for Lighthouse Roasters is the best workday break. Both their roasts and their art game are STRONG.


VoxxCoffee also serves up Lighthouse, in their mod spaces with great wifi in Eastlake and Downtown.


Caffe Ladro – An early favorite of mine, I still stop in their Queen Anne, Fremont, Kirkland, Issaquah, and Cap Hill shops. If you’re not a coffee drinker, they also sling a mean Morning Glory Chai.


Herkimer is my walking distance pick. Convenient, yes, but their beans also pack a punch. So much so that we’re not regulars – RF can’t handle their brew!


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