The Big Reveal!!!

Remember this sad little shabby basement corner that RF so sweetly cleared out for me?

I’ve had my eye on that built-in desk since we moved in…six years ago!! It was about time we tackled it as a project.

Of course, that project became the one that almost killed me? I still imagine that my lungs look like this poor fan.

Well, thanks to a lot of help from RF…

…A LOT…over multiple days, which you can’t tell from these pics because he’s worked in reality tv and wore the same outfit for all of our “shoots” – continuity, people!

It’s FINALLY finished!!! Drum roll, please… (Is there really not a drum emoji?? C’mon!)

Bada bada…

…bada bada…

…bump bada bump!!!!

TA DA!!!

There are still a few finishing touches that I’d like to add, starting with a wide washi tape border along that uneven floor line. Alas, that has to be ordered. I’m also still on the lookout for the ultimate desk chair. For now, the sheepskin manages to distract from a multitude of sins. Oh, and a plant! That pendant in the top left is a planter, but I haven’t yet found a suitable resident. Otherwise, I love it!!

I pulled in a few things from old desks. The initials are from the Rifle Botanicals Garland I used at my last office to celebrate team birthdays. The larger framed pic below it is from an old Rifle calendar. Unsurprisingly, Rifle Paper Co. plays a big role.

The mini gallery wall, which I plan to expand, has two more Rifle calendar pages – both locations on our travel bucket list.

RF gave me the card on the top right – clearly trying to get into my good graces! That little fox is from a Night Owl calendar. As most little foxes do, he reminds me of Silas.

The sneaky kitty tape dispenser reminds me of Oscar. So, all of my boys are reppin’. I picked up the storage boxes and the little blue frame for a steal at IKEA. Did a little nailhead-esque bedazzling on the boxes because…why not?!? The frame got some origami paper as a placeholder. Need to print more photos!

I actually thought the magnetic canisters of office supplies – pushpins, paper clips, etc. – would cling to the pipes above. Not so much. That’s ok! I prefer them on the desk. Oh, and I found a new home for my arctic animal pushpins! Love ’em.

Of course, the pièce de résistance is THE UNICORN LAMP!! Oh lamp, how I adore thee. She was a little bland with her original plain white shade. So, I fixed that right on up with some gold foil lace tape. And, the tape backing ended up making a suitably fancy neck ribbon!

Overall, I’m super pleased with how everything turned out – and, though I haven’t actually sat down and calculated the final cost, I do know that I didn’t spend a fortune. Far from it. Can’t wait to actually enjoy it. Now that this project’s finally complete, I should actually have some time to do just that.

Additional Sources:
Vase – from Spain
Cork Board
Washi Tape
Two-Sided Frame


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