A Little Fringspiration!

Dolly Parton’s Pure & Simple tour made a stop in the Seattle area this week, and we were lucky enough to go. I’ve been a pretty big fan of Miss Dolly since dancing around my bedroom belting out 9-to-5 to the soundtrack spinning on my Mickey Mouse record player. Dolly Parton, Jane Fonda, *and* Lily Tomlin? What a lineup! Those ladies had moxie, and I loved it. Can’t even begin to guess how many times I watched that movie.

Over the years, as I was introduced to more of Dolly’s music and the stories behind them – she loves to weave a yarn, and shared many a tale at the concert – I grew to appreciate this woman who grew up the fourth of 12, “dirt poor”, deep in the Rocky Mountains. She dreamt of being a star and left home the day after high school graduation to grab it! So many of her songs, though, are rooted in her upbringing. There’s something so earnest about the way she expresses her experiences, which really appeals to me.

I know that not everyone’s a fan. RF was surprised to really enjoy her music at the concert. He grew up under the impression that she was nothing more than a boob job in flashy clothing.  Of course, few muster the kind of staying power Dolly has on image alone. As it the case with so many people, once you take the time to get past the candy-coated shell, you discover that she is a talented artist, savvy business woman, and her overwhelming message of acceptance draws crowds from all corners.

In addition to belting out audience faves, she masterfully played guitar, banjo, piano, penny whistle, and dulcimer, while singing to the most diverse concert crowd I’ve ever witnessed. There were babies and seniors. Conservative Christians who visibly felt the power of the more faith-based songs. A row of Burlesque stars in front of us sporting dolly wigs and sequined cowgirl hats, stomping their feet and clapping away. Dolly might be judged for her sequins and spangle, but it’s clearly an inspiration to many.

So, in honor of an astounding woman who lets her love of shine and shimmer fly, I thought I would round up some fringspiration! If you have a penchant for the dramatic, I’m sure Dolly would tell you to fringe it up! And whip out that Bedazzler, too! But there are many ways to wear this flair. Not all fringe has to be quite as over the top as Dolly might like:


It doesn’t have to be reminiscent of Dynasty and Falcon Crest…


…or directly ripped off the curtain rod.


You can keep it more traditional.

Dress the Population | H&M | Ella Moss

Do it up Deco!

Herve Leger | ModCloth

Add a touch around the edges…

Cinq à Sept | Aidan | Herve Leger

Or modernize it in knit or leather.

Harare | Tamara Mellon


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