Lee’s Saltinutallows

Growing up, I spent a fair amount of time with my grandparents. Both sets lived in the same town, which was just a couple of hours away from where we lived until I was 11. Even after we moved, first from South Carolina to North Carolina then to Illinois, I would fly down by myself to spend school breaks with them.

My maternal grandmother, Mary, always required a bedtime snack – “something to take my pills with” – and my grandfather, Lee, would dutifully prepare something for her. Lee (note: I actually called my mom’s parents by their first names) never cooked full meals. That was definitely Mary’s domaine. But, he had a decent repertoire of bedtime snacks. My favorites were Lee’s Saltinutallows.

My family is big on the toaster oven. “Slotted toasters are a waste! You can only toast plain bread in those contraptions.” In a toaster oven, you can prepare all kinds of goodness: cheese toast, cinnamon toast, English muffin pizzas…so many things, including saltinutallows; sort of and indoor s’more, if you will.



Saltines (or similar)
Peanut Butter
Large Marshmallows


1. Place a piece of foil on the toaster tray. (Things will melt. Messes will be made.)


2. Smear a generous dollop of peanut butter on top of each cracker. (Here, I have 4 regular Saltines on the left, 2 gluten-free by Schar on the right.) Top each one with a large marshmallow.


3. Toast!


The marshmallows roast under the heating element, browning and getting all ooey gooey on top of the also melting peanut butter. Keep an eye on them! You know how quickly roasting marshmallows over a fire can go from golden to burnt? Same rules apply here.


You can serve them two ways – exactly how they come out of the toaster, or topped with a second Saltine for those who like a little extra salt to balance the sweetness. Either way, they’re delicious. And so easy!


CAUTION: Melted peanut butter is almost as hot (and sticky) as melted sugar. Let them cool a bit before handling…and especially before popping them in your mouth!

Mmm… Enjoy!



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