Friday Finds: Portland Edition


We’re in Portland this weekend for Build Small, Live Large – Accessory Dwellings’ 2016 ADU Workshops and Tour. Posts from the 2015 Tour have been some of the most popular on Year of Months, so look for more posts about cool backyard cottages to come. Since we’ll be in workshops tomorrow and touring ADU’s on Sunday, we drove down last night to have a little playtime in the City of Roses. Portland is definitely a foodie’s dream. With all of the terrific food trucks and artisan makers, you don’t even have to spend a lot to eat like royalty…hipster royalty, anyway. We have our favorites, but also try to hit up a few new spots whenever we’re in town. These are a few of our finds, old and new…


Old Fave: Pine State Biscuits

AKA the place I’m mostly likely to risk a migraine due to consuming wheaty biz. We’ve been coming here since my pre-gf days, and I can still taste their flakey, buttery biscuits piled high with pulled pork and served with a side of pimento cheese. Yum! RF is a fan of “The Wedgie”, a towering biscuit creation with fried chicken and basically a wedge salad stuffed inside. Squint and you can spot the bottom third in this pic. Only is con is that they always seem to be out of my favorite side – black eyed peas! Up your supply, Pine State, there’s clearly the demand.


New Find: Cartopia

Food Cart Pods are big in PDX – wish the 206 would take a lesson. We have loads of trucks on the street, and regular festivals. It’s about time we got more pods! But I digress… Cartopia is home to Chicken & Guns, our destination. Their oak-fired chicken is on fire! Literally. Choose your picnic table wisely and you might catch a glimpse of them stoking the fire behind their cart with a blowtorch. Seriously. Their crispy potatoes are also intensely delicious. If you have any room left, head to the adjacent cart, Perierra Creperie, for dessert. You can’t miss it…there’s a giant flamingo on top! Their crepes look delicious, but the thick shakes are where it’s at. Try an avocado shake, or a seasonal flavor like coconut, sea salt, and basil. You won’t be sorry.


Old Fave: Salt & Straw

Salt & Straw’s signature logo is captured by paparazzi with regularity these days, now that Tyler & Kim have invaded L.A. But Portland is home. They started with a push cart and a dream…and have been scooping out my fave, Almond Brittle with Salted Ganache, at their Alberta shop for five years now. Flavors change with the season to incorporate the freshest local produce. Current options include Sauvie Island Grapes PB&J, White Toast & Apple Butter…even Bone Marrow & Smoked Cherries.


New Find: Oui Presse

We’re working today from Oui Presse, an adorable cafe in Southeast Portland. After brunch at Jam on Hawthorne – another old fave – we searched for a nearby spot to work for a couple of hours and landed here. When I saw the pics on Yelp, my first thought was, “Totally looks like a place we would have worked in Barcelona…only without an element of gravitas.” That pretty much nails it. It’s simply charming. RF was even so bold as to say their mocha outscored his hometown fave. (!) Thankfully, I’m too full to be tempted by their PB&J Royale made with fresh peanuts, local strawberry jam, euro-style butter, flaky sea salt, on housemade milk bread. Of course, something tells me this will make our “old fave” list and we’ll be back to try their treats.

Quote of the Week:

“In a way, gluttony is an athletic feat, a stretching exercise.”
-John Updike

Now Reading:

The First Week of After – Margaret Malone (essay)

Now Watching:

Upstanders – an original collection of short stories, films and podcasts sharing the experiences of ordinary people doing extraordinary things to create positive change in their communities. D not be turned off by the fact that they’re produced by Starbucks!

Now Listening To:

Portland Morning Playlist (Spotify)

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