Hillary and the Cold Shoulder

Oh, don’t worry! This is not the post you’re imagining it to be. I am about to blame Hillary, though…not for politics…for this:


The Cold Shoulder Dress.

Technically, I should blame Donna Karan. However, Hillary considers this dress, worn to the Clinton’s first state dinner in 1992, one of her favorites worn as First Lady. It simply can’t be coincidence that the style has re-emerged alongside her political career. So, I blame Hillary.

I just don’t get it! Even high fashion versions look silly to me. The only one of these five that I might remotely consider is the white Issa dress – #4 in the lineup. The front slit balances a delicate off-the-shoulder flow. The others look like mistakes, “Oops, we added extra neck holes!” Or, like the women got stuck inside a shirt on their way to the runway and left half of it down around their arms. So restrictive.


Oh, Fendi. Just…no!


This Free People top looks like it was somehow fashioned out of plastic shopping bags. Are those straps or handles?


Don’t even get me started on attempts to translate this item that can never be worn with a sweater (talk about the arm scrunching!) into an actual sweater. What is this?!? “I’m melting…”


Sorry, Hillary! And apologies to any other cold shoulder lovers out there. But seriously, you should really stop encouraging this madness. If you can’t help but be a staunch believer, please explain the appeal. I really do not get it.


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