Friday Finds


Short weeks are the best and the worst. At least in my world. It was a luxury to have two days off in a row last weekend – that’s not how my freelance schedule usually works out – but the flip side always seems to mean more work to cram into fewer days after the break. Sigh. Thankfully, I’m planning to take time off again tomorrow for RF’s birthday. In case you missed it last year, here are a few fun facts about the terrific guy I’m lucky enough to call my husband! We don’t have a big plan, but that’s just how we like it. Prepare yourself for the cheese…time together truly is gift enough. Aww. It’s true, though. We both run around A LOT, juggling multiple jobs and projects. So, when we can sleep in together, binge watch tv and movies, hop in the car for an aimless drive, or simply see where the day takes us, it’s divine. Here’s to having time to do some combination of that tomorrow, and on many more stolen days still to come! Happy Birthday, RF!!

School might be back in session, but afternoon snacks aren’t just for kids. Here are 12 Hummus & Dip Recipes perfect for tiding kiddos and adults over until dinner. The Hard Squash Hummus and Black Garlic White Bean Hummus look particularly delicious to me. You can also freeze hummus for up to 4 months. So, make extra now to enjoy later!

Finally! A magazine for young feminists. Kazoo is a new “quarterly print magazine created for girls ages 5 to 10 that inspires them to be strong, smart, fierce and, above all, true to themselves.” All stories are by or about kick-ass women – artists, explorers, scientists, chefs, athletes, activists, writers and others. Pretty inspiring! Can’t wait to get my hands on their first issue


I have always had absolutely zero interest in attending Burning Man. Roasting in the scorching sun on the dusty playa is, quite literally, my personal version of hell. However, every year as the pics begin to emerge, I can feel my sanity swaying. Take a look! How incredible would it be to see the art in person?! Unreal. Like so many things in life, I would die to be a fly on the proverbial wall. Alas, until teleportation is a reality, I’ll be settling for photos. But, man…so tempting.

What I’m Watching:

Stranger Things…FINALLY!! So hooked. Hope we can finish it up this weekend.

What I’m Reading:

Small Victories – Julia Turshen’s first solo cookbook came out this week and I’m dying to get my hands on it! Yes, I love reading cookbooks.

What I’m Listening To:

The Greatest – Sia, feat. Kendrick Lamar – I’ve been car/chair/plain old dancing to Cheap Thrills all summer, but nothing makes me want to dance out loud more than Sia’s tribute to the Pulse Nightclub shooting. Don’t miss the video, which features 49 dancers, one for each person killed.


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