Pixie & Puck


I don’t often write about children’s topics on Year of Months, mostly because I’m not a parent. But, RF and I do have lots of kiddos in our lives, and I certainly appreciate folks who are working to foster positive change for children. So, I wanted to tell you about Pixie & Puck – timeless clothing for little dreamers!

Pixie & Puck is a children’s clothing upstart founded by Suzanne and Michael Wiggins. Suzanne is an incredibly smart, insanely creative, and supremely accomplished woman, who also happens to be raising five beautiful children. Her equally talented husband Michael is the epitome of a stand-up guy. They are an inspiring couple with boundless energy who are working to change the landscape of children’s fashion.


Full disclosure, Michael is legal counsel for my day job. I’ve been working with them in the trenches on the Pixie & Puck website, and helping them set up the P&P Kickstarter campaign. In the process, I’ve come to consider them friends. Though, that’s not the reason why I’m telling you about Pixie & Puck. I genuinely believe in their mission.

What speaks to me most about Pixie & Puck is that it’s anti-fast-fashion. These days, children are introduced to the unnecessary influence of trends and labels earlier and and earlier in life. Fads do nothing more than create clothing that’s disposable in a time when our world’s resources are becoming increasingly scarce. Instead, Pixie & Puck offers comfortable, classic designs that encourage kids to be kids, freely without distraction – with quality that endures.


Girl’s clothing happens to be the strongest children’s clothing market. Wisely, that’s where Pixie & Puck is beginning. Initial designs are already in production and available as campaign rewards. A boy’s line will soon follow. As will a capsule line of clothing for children with tactile sensitivities, inspired by the Wiggins’ youngest son Sawyer.

Two savvy entrepreneurs…creating enduring quality – encouraging confidence over conformity – celebrating the timelessness of childhood. These are all ideas I can really get behind…and have, as a supporter of the Pixie & Puck campaign.

I hope that you too will visit Pixie & Puck’s Kickstarter to learn more.


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