Tiny House Project Update #2

Remember my basement office project? I’ve been collecting objects for staging it over the past few weeks and felt like I was making good progress on being able to set everything up. Yet, as with so many projects…one step forward, two steps back! I hit a roadblock on the paint.

Silly me. I thought I could just dive in with a few cans of spray paint and all would be good. Eh, not so much. I knew the spray paint wouldn’t go on evenly, and didn’t honestly mind. The pearlescent paint over old, dingy green, however, just looked…well…gross. Turns out, primer really is your friend.

So, we headed back to Home Depot this weekend for a can of Killz, and a made a new start. Hoping this will create a fresh base and bring out the true color.

Look out…Paint Mask Selfie!! (Low VOC still stinks!)

Someone was SUPER nice to do the under desk parts!

Took it VERY seriously. Thank you, RF!!!

It’s supposed to be fast-drying, but all bets appear to be off when painting concrete. It was still super tacky well after the indicated 45 minutes. So, we wait…

Repainting begins tomorrow.


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