Travel Hack: NodPod

OMG, this is genius!! I think…

The Ultimate Travel Sleep Solution - NodPod project video thumbnail

My first reaction was that it looks completely awkward and kind of uncomfortable. Plus, there’s that horrible term – head hammock. Eww. I love a hammock, but let’s just hope NodPod becomes the “kleenex” of head hammocks.

I thought about it a little more and remembered my many struggles to keep a pillow/blanket/sweater/arm propped up to support my head for a little flight time shut eye, plus all of the resulting post-flight crinked necks, and realized it was actually the perfect solution. Assuming, of course, that my clumsiness paired with deep redeye sleep wouldn’t result in accidental hanging.

It’s still in the Kickstarter stages, so we’ll have to wait for more real world feedback. What do you think? Would you use a head hammock, err…NodPod??



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