Tiny House Project Update

Oy, this week has been a doozy and I simply have not been able to balance my work life/home life/blog life. Sadly, blog life is always the one that suffers. Hardly a great way to launch a new year! Alas, life happens…

Part of life happening has been adding RF’s dad to the YoM household. We are working towards selling his house back in NJ and getting him set up with new digs here in Seattle. It’s a time consuming process, especially on top of full-time plus project work for both RF and me. So, I suspect that this isn’t the only time the blog will suffer. C’est la vie – family always comes first!

During this transition, RF did a very sweet thing to help me carve out a little quiet workspace for myself. There is a built-in desk in our cellar that I always had my eye on, but was eventually taken over for storage…


I would say that the majority of these things were stacked here in preparation for renting our house while we were in Spain. Never to return to the house again…

No more. RF built some shelves that I scored from work awhile back and cleared the area!

IMG_2803 2

I hope we can remove our “antique” boiler one of these days. Such a space suck! But, there was still a perfect spot for the shelf…leaving a lovely clean desk!


Not only did he de-clutter the space, he actually washed the walls and floor too! So, it’s ready for me to really spruce it up. Which, is what led to last week’s inspiration. Our house is very neutral, and I love it. I find it peaceful and calming. Plus, too much color in such a small house feels overwhelming to me. That said, I’m ready to punch things up a bit!

We stopped by Home Depot last weekend and I picked out some spray paint. There are so many color options these days, including pearls and metallics. I thought it might be fun – and quick – to spray up the place!


Preliminary tests confirmed the joy of letting loose on your floors…


…and walls…


…and even your built-in desk.


Oh yeah, I think I’m going to love this!


Stay tuned…hope to make further progress (with the addition of a fan!) and have more pics for you next week.


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