Spruce Up Your Summer Table

The continuing education saga continues; alas, I haven’t cooked much lately. Since I don’t have a great recipe to recommend, I thought I would share my secret to dressing up takeout: cloth napkins.

It feels like a silly little thing, but cloth napkins make any meal feel just a little bit more special. Other than for giant parties and picnics where the convenience of paper prevails, I always use cloth napkins for gatherings. But, much like eating off the “good china”, there is no reason not to also pull out the “good napkins” for everyday use.

I keep a giant stack of hotel whites on hand. They’re the perfect casual napkin and easily cleaned, but also quite elegant when ironed. We also have a wide array of patterned options, and solids in varying fabrics. I try to buy them in a coordinated range of colors so they can be mixed and matched, but am not opposed to picking up a few that I just really love – especially if they’re on sale!

In fact, now is the perfect time to buy. We likely still have a solid two months of warm weather here in the PNW, but summer sales are already starting to ramp up. Many of my top picks are already reduced…

Zara Home

Plaid | Green | Jacquard | Butterfly


Prep | Stitched | Caicos
Kalindi | Nifty | Fellina

Williams Sonoma

Blossom | NightingaleThai | Buffalo Plaid

World Market

Ombre | Diamond | Crochet
| Gate | Watercolor

Serena & Lily

Blossom | Sol | Lobster | Confetti

Target – Threshold

Dots | Floral | Medallion | Fringe


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