Friday Finds: Birthday Edition


Image: Sugar and Cloth

It’s my birthday, y’all! OK, technically, it’s not until Sunday. But, I’m a big fan of celebrating another year of wisdom for at least a week. So, let’s get this party started!! I think this is the first time I’ve used a header picture for Friday Finds that’s not my own – but everything about this photo is kind of my birthday dream! It was actually created for a baby shower, but eh. I’m taking it over as my inspiration for a little project that RF started for me for my birthday. Gold, navy, and peach? Love it. I can’t wait to see how it all turns out…and will, of course, share pics when it’s done. For now, a little party inspiration.


I know that I am fully stressing out my friend KDub with all of these balloons, but I’m a Leo and I’ve been told that means I adore magnificence. (The Cancer cusp in me does not always agree, but I definitely have my moments.) This How to Make a Balloon Arch tutorial from The House that Lars Built ranks highly on the magnificence scale! I’m ready to get out the glue gun…

Light Columns 2



Fairy lights are so romantic, but these lantern columns speak to my flair for the dramatic. Leave it to fellow Leo, Martha Stewart to come up with this one. I love the way they reflect in the pool, but I think they would be equally stunning edging a yard or surrounding the buffet or dessert table.


Rice Krispy Cake 2


I love cake. I still dream of Strawberry White Chocolate cake from Simply Desserts. Sadly, it doesn’t come in a gluten-free version. Though gf options are expanding, and I’ve found plenty of sweet sweet love at Trophy cupcakes, most my favorites are still full of wheaty evil. I’ve dropped a couple of hints for this Peanut Butter Rice Krispy Cake as this year’s birthday substitution. Peanut buttery krispies layered with chocolate ganache?! Yes, please!


Boozy Lemonade 2


No birthday would be complete without a cocktail…or 12…to make the years go down smoothly. Lemonade is my ultimate summertime beverage. You know how I love my whiskied up Arnold Palmers. But here are 7 Spiked Lemonades to Sip On this Weekend. The Boozy Clementine Lemonade with Bruleed Citrus & Mint looks particularly tempting.


What was the Trendiest Hairstyle the Year You Were Born?

Quote of the Week:

“Count your age by friends, not years. Count your life by smiles, not tears.”
-John Lennon

What I’m Reading:

Dave’s Coworkers Attempt to Figure Out What He’d Like for His Birthday

What I’m Watching:

Sixteen Candles – Or maybe a full on John Hughes marathon! Most were filmed in the area where I went to high school. So, on top of being great teen flicks, the scenery is fun to watch too!

What I’m Listening To:

All the birthday music!



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