Do or Don’t: Flip-Flops

I know very few people who won’t wear flip-flops at all, but RF and I have an ongoing debate about wearing them anywhere but the beach. Surprisingly, I’m on the side of anywhere, anytime – especially in the summer! RF, however, is shocked that I would wear flip-flops on NYC subways and, well, anywhere that isn’t sandy. Who’s the bigger weirdo?

Regardless of your answer, here are some fun pairs from a few of my favorite brands…for wherever you’re willing to wear them. I mean, at the very least, you should have something cute when you get a pedicure. Right?!


Havaianas are my fave. A Brazilian brand, “havaiana” is Portuguese for Hawaiian. They have a pretty interesting history, but all you need to know is that their rubbery soles are super cushy. Not supportive in the slightest, but the best basic flip-flop out there…IMO.


Slim Rio 2016 – TradicionalYou MetallicWonder Woman!!



OluKai makes more supportive, but still pretty options. A Hawaiian company (I think I’m spotting a trend…), OluKai believes in combining durability with style, comfort, and craftsmanship.



Reef is a bit of a crossover of sporty and stylish. Based in California, but made in Brazil, their shoes epitomize the surf lifestyle. Reef also has a strong philanthropic program to support coastal communities around the world.

Mallory ScrunchO’Contrare – Leather Uptown Braid – Stargazer Prints


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