Robot Furniture!

If, like us, you’re a fan of small house living, you need to know about this new robot furniture!

OK, it might seem like a little bit of a stretch to call it robot furniture. I think the technical term is modular and scalable mechatronics, but that’s a little unwieldy and way less glamorous!

Called Ori, because of its similarity to the folding concepts of origami, this pairing of technology and design solves problems created by urban density and makes spaces live much larger. The architectural robotic technology is the work of MIT Media Lab’s CityHome project, “focused on utilizing technology to respond to the challenges of global urbanization.” It’s also capable of connecting to other smart devices, and you can apply pre-sets for different configurations.

I’m not sure that I see an application in our house, but I can definitely imagine Ori Systems being a smart choice for the DADU.

What about you? Would you use robotic furniture? Or, would you worry about it taking over your house while you sleep??



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