Friday Finds: Maker’s Edition


This week, it seems we’ve found yet one more issue on which to be polarized…Pokémon GO. It’s the biggest mobile game in US history with over 20 million users in ONE WEEK – that’s already more users than Twitter, and even Tinder! (Ha, does that officially make it better than sex?) Despite the overwhelming popularity, we quickly divided into two camps: PROkémon and Ohhellnokémon.

Trainers are flooding parks, restaurants and shops, and museums. Before you scrunch up your nose (although, if you’re in the “oh hell no” category, I know that happened the minute you spotted the pidgey above), all of those links highlight supporting and capitalizing on the trend, not shunning it. OK, there are a few places where it might cross a line. Plus, the game is not without its dangers. And, I get it, people staring at their cell phones in parks are ruining your sunset pics. But, there are health, social, and philanthropic benefits too!

I’ve been “competing” with my coworkers – a bunch of boy nerds who are shocked to discover that I’m such a girl nerd. Every morning this week, we’ve checked in on what we have caught so far (Pikachu, yes!) and what new tricks we’ve learned (horrible commutes are at least good for hatching eggs.)  I also enjoy learning about more of the quirky things in our city via Pokéstops. (Wait, there’s a mural there?) As you know, I’ve been super busy this week with work and continuing ed, but because of Pokémon Go, I still took time to have a late-night walk with RF to stretch a little, wind down, and catch ’em all.

Sure, it’s silly. A craze that likely won’t last that long – or, maybe it’s just the beginning. Either way, it’s definitely a welcome distraction from all of the legit issues we’re polarized about lately. And, most of all, it’s fun.

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 11.11.45 AM



Whoa! Way to make me feel completely unproductive and unaccomplished. While we were all out chasing imaginary creatures on our iPhones, this guy was sculpting Salt into Snow. Check out this video of him in action – including the somehow satisfying moment when he swipes it all away!


doll sculptures


These sculptures are kinda creepy…and also so incredible! Australian artist Freya Jobbins (such a Hobbit name!) uses discarded children’s toys to create humanoid portraits and busts. “I am interested in generating a range of responses to existing cultural objects, which have been placed out of context. The irony of my plastic works is that I take a material that was created to be touched, and I make it untouchable as an artwork.” Cool.



Did you see this? A fan made Lin-Manuel Miranda a 15-foot long parchment of every Hamilton line in the show! Pretty amazing parting gift.



If you live in the Seattle area, I encourage you to check out Cascadia Makers Retreats. Amy Ware, Founder and Head Camp Counselor, created these crafty classes “to help women connect to themselves, their creativity, and each other in a super cozy and relaxed environment.” Registration closes this Saturday for the Summer Retreat: Beginner’s Embroidery with Mo Milligan of Destiny City Threads.



Quote that Made Me Think:

“Who you hang out with determines what you dream about and what you collide with. And the collisions and the dreams lead to your changes. And the changes are what you become. Change the outcome by changing your circle.” – Seth Godin

What I’m Reading:

The Day I Discovered I Was a Racist
“If I can be a racist, coming out of my childhood, raised as I was raised, believing as my mother believed – well damn, people.  It means these prejudices inhabit all of us.”

What I’m Watching:

CreativeLive: Craft & Maker Classes – eyeing a few of these for later this summer, when I actually have more free time on my hands!

What I’m Listening To:

My new Try This Playlist on Spotify – a compilation of mostly up-and-coming artists.


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