I know that RF promised a week of posts, but I’m feeling a little too guilty to let him take them all. Don’t worry…he’ll be back. I have far too much on my plate right now not to accept some help. With 90 hours of continuing ed to complete between now and mid-August, there will definitely be plenty of nights when I let him pitch in. But, I also thought this post idea was completely à propos.

There are a thousand and one travel apps out there. We use several for comparing deals and booking travel. I’m sure you have your favorites too. However, nothing appeals to me more right now than the thought of leaving everything as is, heading straight to the airport, and jetting off wherever the next flight takes me.


With GTFO! – that’s Get the Flight Out! – you can do just that…plus, maybe make sure that the destination is something a little less like Topeka and a little more like Tahiti.

GTFO helps you find and book the best available roundtrip flights leaving from your location tonight and tomorrow morning. Enable your location and the closest airport will pop right up. Immediately search for the best trips from your hometown.


Lookie, there’s a flight to Cancun leaving tomorrow at 6:05 PM!


I can choose a 5-day adventure for $643…or, a 14-day adventure for the same price. Hmm…tough call, right? But wait, I could choose a 6 or 14-day trip to Hawaii for $602 instead. Now, that actually is a tough call. There’s a flight to Osaka at 6:10 am, if I’m really in a hurry to skip town. LAX is the cheapest.

Hard as it may be to narrow it down, once you decide on a destination, you can book the trip right in the app!


As if Pokemon Go weren’t bad enough, this app could become quite a distraction for me in the coming weeks… Don’t get too concerned if I suddenly disappear. I’m sure you’ll see pics of my margaritas on IG.


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