Pools Rule!

Hey, RF here, filling in while Tracy is working tirelessly on some other time-consuming projects. I might even be taking over for the rest of the week. We’ll see. Does that mean wacky posts referencing South Park characters, barely coherent ramblings about cave people, or yet another discussion about surf spots? Could happen, the week is young.

Whether I do only today’s post, or the whole week, I’ve been given the directions to “stick to the program”. That means, House stuff on Tuesdays, Wanderlust Wednesdays, Fashion Thursday (I can only imagine WHAT might come out of my brain for that one…), and Friday roundup. As you might remember, Tracy broke the rule that she set in the first place when we did our Travel Top Ten (spoiler: she did 20.) So, am I tempted to break them here? Of course! But there actually IS something house-related that I want to talk about: A SWIMMING POOL THAT WOULD EVEN FIT IN OUR TINY BACKYARD, AND HAS A CURRENT SO YOU CAN SWIM LIKE IT’S A LAP POOL!

So much for “burying the lede.” And for online etiquette of not overusing caps. But it’s such an awesome concept to me that I just had to indicate my golden retriever-style excitement by stomping on the caps lock.

Tracy can tell you, ever since we moved in, I’ve talked about wanting to put an Endless Pool on the side of our house, in front of the garage that will someday be a backyard cottage.

house google mapsYou can’t really see it in this picture, but you can see the garbage cans really well. Thanks Google Maps. Anyway, where I want to put the pool is behind that fence. Right now the driveway just continues up to the garage, which is useless since there’s been a car back there like twice in six years. I say, tear it out and put THIS (or something like it.)


deck poolMuch like me when hearing about pasta sauce made out of avocado for the first time, Tracy is quite skeptical about the awesomeness of such a pool. She envisions a tacky, gimmicky thing that would take lots of time and money to care for, but not get used. But there are lots of styles to choose from, and I know I’d use it. I love swimming, but I’m just not a public pool kind of dude. Too much with the locker room wieners. But we don’t have to worry about that in our own back yard, just squirrels and the odd neighborhood bully cat. They keep their wieners hidden (if they have them…they could be female squirrels and bully cats.) Anyway, Tracy likes swimming too, especially when it’s NOT in the enclosed, humid, chemical-smelling YMCA or whatever. So, I bet this tiny wonder of modern design and engineering would get plenty of use.

It’s clear to me that a pool that can be just a pool, or create a current to swim against for some exercise is way more useful and less cheesy than a hot tub, and it’s relaxing as well. I mean, check out how much fun these people are having:

So what do you think…will I be able to convince Tracy, or will this idea have to go the way of the time I wanted us to rent a boat in a marina to live in instead of an apartment?


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