4th of July Week: Travel

Fun 4th Fact: Fireworks were first used to celebrate July 4th in 1777. Congress chose fireworks as a way to celebrate the first anniversary. They were ignited over Philadelphia. The celebration also included bonfires and bells.

Road Trip Map

Oh, you know how I love a road trip! RF and I have made a number of cross-country drives over the years – New Jersey to L.A., L.A. to Chicago, Seattle to New York – plus, plenty of regional ones around the Northeast, South, and West Coast. But, I literally gasped when I saw this one, billed as The Most Efficient U.S. Road Trip of All Time. Plus, how perfect for a week celebrating our nation’s independence?!?

Devised by Randy Olson, a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Pennsylvania, this drive hits all of the state capitols in the Lower 48. He plotted the efficient journey by combining algorithms and Google maps. (You can read more about his math here, if you’re into that kinda thing.)

Olson’s goal is to take a picture of each state capitol building on the 13,310 mile route. Apparently, this can be achieved in 8.5 days? That seems VERY ambitious. By my calculations, if I were to travel an average of 60 miles per hour, for 8 hours each day, it would take me 28 days to travel that far. Sure, most highways have higher speed limits…and you can certainly drive for longer than 8 hours each day….but I would need to make pit stops along the way, and pace myself. Otherwise, non-stop driving quickly surpasses the exciting adventure stage and enters the realm of just plain tedious.

I would still do it! But, didn’t we just establish our next 10 trips?




2 thoughts on “4th of July Week: Travel

  1. I still think someone needs to plan the most efficient way to drive to Alaska! Though I’m not sure if that would hit the tedious meter almost immediately…


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