What Say You: Round Towels

OK, now that summer is officially here, I can finally ask you…what’s the deal with round towels? A lot of them kind of look like deflated umbrellas to me, but are they secretly awesome?! I do love the colorful mandala styles, like this one from Vagabond – perfect for lounging on an exotic beach.


They also look pretty cozy as a wrap. This picture from Tofino Towel Company completely cracked me up, because it’s such a typical Pacific Northwest, “I’m out here (FREEZING my ass off!!) on this gorgeous misty and moody oceanfront” image.

Tofino Wrap

But The Chesterman would be equally pretty on sunny shores. Check out the clam motif – very Tofino.

Tofino Towel

The Beach People offers beautiful patterns, along with “must have” accessories like a leather strap, jute bags, and beach carts, of which they claim “this sturdy thing has made our beach trips bliss.” Ha!  Only because they have a nanny or some other sherpa to roll lug it across the sand. Alas, I can’t argue with their Montauk.

Beach People

They also offer Petites for fashionable young children who playfully tear planks from old wooden boats with a tip of the ol’ fisherman’s cap and demurely swing vintage glass floats that have recently washed ashore. In Montauk, of course, to match mummy’s towel.


Lest you fear that all round towels are far too Hamptons-riche for your Jones Beach tastes, Round Towel Co has options for you: the Beach Burger, I Donut Care, and Pizza Babe. Because, nothing says hottie like splaying oneself across a giant pizza like the world’s largest bronzed anchovy. Eww.


I’d say that The Mayan Lulu from Beach Lulu splits the difference quite nicely. It’s colorful and cheery without being outright gaudy. Bonus points for being inspired by the sun, which is a Mayan symbol of ascension, clarity, and awareness. All welcome benefits of a day spent relaxing on the sand.

Beach Lulu

So, what say you? Round towel yay – or – round towel nay?


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