R&T Travel Bucket List Final Top 10

buenos aires

Over the past two weeks, RF and I have presented our His & Hers Travel Top 10 lists. We embarked on this exercise in an attempt to come to a consensus over where we’d like to travel next, knowing that when we set a goal we’re far more likely to make it happen.

We figured that it would be best to start with our own lists and then combine. In retrospect, I’m not sure that made it any easier. There truthfully are hundreds of places we’d both like to visit. We set a limit of 10, and I immediately broke the rules- not just in the length of the list, but also in combining places within each trip. Cram ’em in where you can, I say! Alas, our experience in Spain should have taught me better.


It was surprising to find that we had relatively little crossover in our selections. Belgium, Morocco, and Greece were the only direct hits. RF listed Madagascar, and I included Mauritius. Since they are so relatively close to each other, I added them to the final list as a combined trip. Though, further research reveals that it’s easier to get to Mauritius than to Madagascar, so we’ll see how that pans out.

When compiling the final final list, I gave weight to representing various regions of the world and made sure that we were at least getting close to all continents. We each included a place that we had been, but the other had not – Hawaii and Alaska. Those also happen to be amongst the few final holdouts in our attempt to visit all 50 states. So, I felt it only fair that they make it to the final round.


We both acknowledge that this is a living list – as soon as we tick something off, we’ll add something back on to keep it complete. Even though we’d be happy to jet off to any of these spots tomorrow, we decided to semi-order them by preference. So, at least the Top 3 are a current priority.

Without further adieu, the winners are…

  1. Argentina
  2. Hawaii
  3. New Zealand
  4. Belgium
  5. Fiji
  6. Alaska
  7. Greece
  8. Japan
  9. Morocco
  10. Madagascar/Mauritius

We welcome your recommendations and tips, if you have ’em. Already starting to research #1!


3 thoughts on “R&T Travel Bucket List Final Top 10

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