Found By: Polaris

I don’t just love Instagram for all of the cool things I find to follow…I love Instagram for the fascinating people who end up finding, liking, and following me. Social media is such a curious rabbit hole. It’s hard to predict exactly when or why connections will be forged – or how a certain hashtag will appeal to trolls and/or marketing bots one day, and talented, creative folks another. It’s a magnificent mystery to me.

This week’s great “found by” was Polaris Jewelry. This handcrafted jeweler based in Portland, OR, believes in “simple designs, and simple priorities.” They support local business, source materials responsibly, and use recycled materials whenever possible. Oh, and their modern geometric designs are also just so pretty!

Take a look…follow them…pick up a little sumpin’ at a stockist near you, or in their online shop!

Embossed BoxesOctahedron Necklace – Hexagon HoopsFlat Top Rings

PortraitTriad NecklaceRectangle NecklaceHexagon Rings


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