RF Goes All BuzzFeed On this Travel Listicle

Wow. I just used “Listicle” in a sentence. In the title of a post, no less. I have the feeling that I should maybe feel slightly ashamed.

In any case, 21st century made-up words aside, it’s my turn to share my Travel Goals, my Wanderlust Top Ten. If you tuned in last Wednesday, you noticed that Tracy showed that she’s a rebel. She just couldn’t limit herself to 10 places, so she doubled it to 20. And some of those had multiple locations within a single entry. So she totally Kobayashi Maru’ed this thing, and changed the rules. I have to say, I totally respect that. I kind of wish I’d thought of it, in fact.

Typically, I’m not much of a rule follower (I’ve been known to shout “Kobayashi Maru!” as I flaunt some sort of official directive, trying to justify my ignoring of the accepted norm by citing a fictional situation in which breaking multiple rules somehow had an honorable outcome.) Perhaps moving a temporary “No Parking” sign so that my spot appears to be legal is not at all analagous to hacking into a training academy’s computer system and rewriting the code of an unbeatable test so that for the first time ever, a simulation can be beaten, but I find drama where I can. Wasn’t this supposed to be about my travel list…sorry.

So, if you tl;dr’ed that long preamble, the short version is: I followed the rules. My list is only 10 locations. It wasn’t easy to narrow it down to that, because like Tracy, I have a LOT of places I’d like to visit. It’s a big small world, and it would probably be easier for me to give you a short list of places I DON’T want to see than it is for me to come up with the 10 most important. So, how did I do it? First, I tried to list a few places that Tracy wouldn’t choose. The truth is, we mostly want to go to the same places (yet another reason I feel lucky that we found each other), and I expected that if I didn’t purposefully choose some places we haven’t really talked much about, our lists might be almost identical. And THAT doesn’t make for a diverse list of goal trips. Or compelling bloggery.

I also narrowed it down by taking places that I consider to be similar to one another, and cutting one or more, leaving only the one I thought I’d like most, even though visiting all would be awesome. For example, one of the places on my list is Bruges, and though there are many other places in Europe not too far from there that I’d also love to see, I just chose that one because the romanticized vision I have of it is even stronger than what I have for the other quaint, historical places in the region that also have castles.

So, with those 2 methods, I managed to keep my list manageable. Want to see it? I contemplated trying to do an actual BuzzFeed-style trick to make you click through each one, one at a time. But that would be super douchey, (and take way more time than I’d like to devote to this), so I’ll spare you. But remember, I’m totally sparing you because I recognize it would be douchey to make you click. Not because I’m lazy.

Here they are: (in no particular order)

Location Why I Want to Go to There
1. Bruges ! Old world awesomeness and CASTLES
2. Fiji Beaches/Waves!
3. Malaysia It just seems…exotic!
4. Alaska Wilderness and Tracy’s been there
5. Jordan-Petra because Indiana Jones
6. Egypt Pyramids because Aliens
7. Costa Rica Beaches! But very different from Fiji
8. Morocco we were Soooo close!
9. Madagascar exotic randomness
10. Greece ruins!

Just like Tracy’s list, water/island locations pretty much dominate. But where we’re a little different is, I went for the historical a little more than she did. I mean, we both have Bruges and Greece on our list, so clearly we enjoy some medieval charm mixed with crumbling antiquities. I think she’d enjoy going everywhere on my list, with the possible exception of Egypt and Jordan…those are some pretty dusty places where it might be necessary to ride animals or drive on dangerous roads to get to the things I want to see, so she might Nope those. We’ll see what she says in her analysis of all of this next week.

But in the mean time, this.Travel Collage





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