Friday Finds


I could really use a coffee right now! Lots of short nights this week, but I should sleep better now that RF is back home from NJ. Our kittens are also thrilled that he hasn’t actually disappeared for forever. (It must be so confusing to be a pet.) Looking forward to spending the weekend with all of my guys. I have an appointment out in Snohomish tomorrow afternoon, so I think we’re finally going to try the Maltby Cafe. It’s somewhat of a breakfast institution here in Washington – their cinnamon rolls are legendary. Maybe I can convince RF to stop in at Molbak’s on the way back for some annuals and other garden accessories. Or, maybe we’ll just lounge around and catch up on GoT – No spoilers!


Gucci Flamingos

So, apparently, fashion’s new “it bird” is the flamingo! Wuut?! À propos, seeing as how a flock of flamingos is actually called a flamboyance. They hardly seem out of place in this scene at all. (Had to keep a larger image so you could appreciate the full grandeur.)

And, because I can’t stop talking about them, or seeing them around, check out Elyx’s copper flamingo punch bowl, which I spotted on Instagram earlier today! Plus, 19 more Fun Facts about these long-legged, narrow-necked marvels.


New Emoji


Are you excited about the new emoji being released later this months? This is just a sampling of the full list of 72, but I already spot several I’ll use regularly. Sick face, fingers crossed, black heart, fox, taco, bacon, and Cheers! top my list of must-haves.




Christo Piers

RF doesn’t know it yet, but we need to go to Italy…soon! Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s installation, The Floating Piers, will be on display for just a short time, June 18 – July 3. A nearly 2-mile modular dock covered in shimmering yellow fabric (remember The Gates?) will connect the eastern shore of Lake Iseo to the small island of Monte Isola and the tiny islet of San Paolo. Two hundred thousand high-density polyethylene cubes will float on the surface of the water; sloped edges are designed to create the feeling of walking on water.


Now Watching: The Night Manager – AMC

Now Reading: The Joy of Instagram – The Atlantic

Now Listening: Burn It Down – Fitz and the Tantrums


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