Friday Finds


So, I’m obviously a little behind this week. Do you ever have something happen that sets everything off kilter for the rest of the week? It doesn’t even have to be something big, and it definitely doesn’t have to be something bad. But the more you try to course correct, the worse it gets? I think the holiday started it, but working late on Tuesday to get a client project off the ground really threw the rest of this week’s schedule into a tailspin. Then, we found out that RF’s aunt had suddenly passed. All of our intentions immediately shifted to family and travel plans from there on out. It’s easy to get hung up on everything you had planned to do, but sometimes, you just have to let go to move forward.


If you need help knowing how to let go, The Positivity Blog offers 5 Powerful Steps. I know, too much “woo woo” can be a real turn off, but these articles are quite practical. I particularly appreciate that this one starts by acknowledging the benefits of NOT letting go. Spoiler alert: all gains are short term.



Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 5.59.58 PM


The Flamingo Obsession is spreading! This image popped up on Nordstrom’s IG last week. And, RF and I recently found ourselves in a whole section of flamingophernalia at World Market. I think it’s safe to say that these long-necked blush beauties are the official birds of summer.




In my ongoing effort to tip the scales toward life, I’ve been trying to find unique ways to inject activities into my often tight work schedule. Hoping to squeeze in a Lunch Break at Book Larder. Quick, hour-long cooking classes are held at lunchtime – the perfect break from a busy workday.


Now Watching: Bad Lip Reading: Bernie & Hillary

Now Reading: Sex Object (excerpt) by Jessica Valenti

Now Listening: Gym Jams (for a little upbeat motivation)


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