Friday Finds


What are your plans for the long weekend? I’m working on a site that’s launching next Wednesday, so I suspect that at least some work will be on the agenda. But, we’re headed to SIFF tonight, and will be barbecuing with friends on Monday. Looks like rain in the forecast over the next couple of days, so perhaps we’ll see this movie – looks pretty silly. I also just started this book, and hear great things about this show – so, perhaps some welcome down time is in my future.



If you’re in Seattle, you should join us at SIFF tonight for the screening of our friend Mark Tapio Kines’ short film, 20 Matches. It’s playing as part of the The Devil’s Brood program, billed as “miniature masterpieces of terror, suspense, and the supernatural.” I’m not generally a fan of horror flicks, so wish me luck. I’m prepared to bury my face in RF’s shoulder…




Did you see this story about Henry Heimlich? Apparently, he had never actually used his famous Heimlich Maneuver, until recently. At age 96, he rescued a woman from choking at his retirement facility. Talk about your whole life being preparation for one moment! Did you know that you can also perform the Heimlich Maneuver on dogs and cats?




Whoa! To say that I’m not a fan of Las Vegas is a pretty gross understatement, but I might need to plan a trip just to see the Seven Magic Mountains. There are plenty of other Non-Vegas Things to Do in Vegas… Our friend MTW even swears by the vegan dining scene. Still skeptical.


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