Friday Finds


True confession: I started the week with a bit of a personal tantrum about my recent lack of work/life balance. With my current combo of freelance and part-time work, it’s very easy to let the work creep into my personal time…to the point of suddenly not having any personal time at all. It seems like a petty thing to complain about right after vacation, but it was actually the post-vacation catch-up that sparked it all. So, I promised myself that I would focus some intention on not letting myself get swept away in that whirlwind, and work on maintaining my boundaries. I kindly reminded my co-workers that Monday is mine. Then, convinced RF to take me to a concert! Life may not be all fun and games…but there should be some of those things too! And, who better to remind me that I slay than Beyonce?

london plane

I’ve tried a variety of subscription boxes – beauty, snacks, CSAs – but my latest obsession is The London Plane’s Larder Share. I doubt I will traverse this path, simply because most food boxes contain a lot of wheaty things that I can only drool over, but it’s so tempting! Every week, a serving of LP‘s sourdough bread, Bar Ferdinand wine, and farmer and forager bounty. Plus, a random assortment of other treasures in each box ranging from cookbooks to spices to packaged goods, or add some fresh eggs and flowers. Divine.


Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 11.41.32 AM


Lots of cute, fun, snarky goodness at this week’s National Stationary Show, but these wine tags from Chez Gagne really cracked me up. I’ve bought several bottles as gifts recently and would’ve loved having these. Less formal than a wine bag, more festive than nothing.



Speaking of wine, do you have a favorite app for keeping track of the wines you drink and love? I’m the worst at remembering these things! We had a great Temperanillo in Half Moon Bay that I would love to seek out at home. Or was it Montepulciano? See?? I need a tool. Vivino seems very popular, but is it the best. Taking recommendations if you have ’em.




Now Reading: Sleep Makes the Modern Girl (T Magazine)

Now Watching: Balls Deep (Viceland)

Now Listening: Hymn for the Weekend – Coldplay + Seeb



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