R&T Wedding Trail

Whenever we’re in these parts, we have to ride the R&T Wedding Trail…aka, the route from Carmel to Big Sur.

We tried to pick a sunny day, but the weather’s been kind of wild. So, we ended up with a little bit of everything – sun, rain, blue skies, clouds, wind…lots of wind! It was a fun day, nonetheless.

The first stop was Casanova, an adorable little bistro where I had my bridesmaids lunch in the middle of Carmel by the Sea…

…with an open-air patio hidden in the center.

We were lucky enough to sit right by the tree growing right smack dab in middle of the patio. They built a concrete table around it.

Lunch was delicious, as always. RF and I shared a farmer’s market salad (though, they forgot the berries…)

The main event was…Red Bow trout?  I had honestly never heard of it. It’s much more like salmon than trout – very moist and buttery, and pink, which you can see here, but the skin is like traditional trout. I recommend.

And, a chocolate hazelnut torte with white chocolate shavings for dessert. Mmm.

With full bellies, we headed down to Carmel Beach. Minus the gale force winds, it was a nearly perfect day. The skies were streaked with the fluffiest white clouds, and the water was undulating shades of turquoise. The sand is so soft here. I tossed off my shoes and let my feet sink right in.

I could have sat here until sunset, but we decided to drive on. Our journey was a leisurely one with stops at many overlooks and view points along the way.

We made some new friends! This little critter and his mighty band of brothers were certain that we arrived bearing treats. Gimme??

I’m not sure if you can tell, but the lighter patch of grass to the right is home to a herd of cows. No wonder California is home to happy cows! I’d be pretty happy to have that view from my place too.

By the time we got to Big Sur, thicker clouds had rolled in. There were heavy patches with wisps of rain showering down in the inland canyons, and more rolling in off the water.

When we reached Ventana, the site of our wedding 9 years ago, the air was misty. We parked near the wedding site, a stone outcropping overlooking the Pacific below, and shared memories of that perfectly sunny day when we exchanged vows.

RF called this the “second thoughts” bench. Ha! We didn’t sit there…

Those of you who know me well know that I’m not much for selfies. On this occasion, in this location, I conceded. After all, it is my favorite place in the world with my favorite person!


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