Moving on…

When faced with bouncing from room to room, we started frantically searching for alternatives. I reasoned that, if we could find something near Santa Cruz, there was still time to spend a long stretch of our vacation in one place – and we could really relax.

On Monday afternoon, a house in Rio Del Mar that I hadn’t seen in earlier searches popped up on Airbnb. Rio Del Mar is just south of Santa Cruz, adjacent to Aptos, so it fit the bill. A quick inquiry revealed a cancellation and availability for exactly the dates we wanted, so we hopped right on it! 

After checking out but before leaving Half Moon Bay, we took one last walk along the waterfront…

Then, we stopped at one of the many nurseries in the area to pick up an orchid for our hostess…but RF got into a scuffle.

I was curious to check out the Ritz Carlton, so we took a stroll on their lawn…

…and lounged in their Adirondack chairs. 

We also stopped at the Pigeon Point Lighthouse…

…watched some sick kite boarders…

…and had delicious burgers for lunch at Whale City Bakery in Davenport.

A little after 5, we arrived at our new home in the hills looking out towards Monterey Bay. Our hostess welcomed us with a bottle of wine, which we promptly opened. I kicked back on the deck so quickly that I forgot to take any more pics. Suffice it to say…Ahhhhh!!!


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