Road Trip Weekend

We were so excited to get on the road on Friday. I picked RF up at work around 3:30, we cranked up the radio, and were off! Three and a half hours later, we had travelled a grand total of 55 miles. Fifty-five!! That’s an average of just over 15 mph. This was our view…

The accident had been cleared by the time we got to the scene of the delay, but it must’ve been bad news. Shortly after the road cleared, so did the skies and we spotted this magnificent scene.

We had hoped to hit Portland right around dinnertime. Technically, I guess we did – dinnertime was just at 9:30 instead of 7:30. And, instead of taking time to find our way to a cool food truck, we made a quick stop at a Panera just off the freeway. Lame. Although, RF did manage to get a new name…

We were both ready to stop for the night around Salem but decided to push on another hour to Eugene. Who knew it was the night before the Eugene marathon?! 5,500 runners, apparently. Not a single vacant room in town. So, we had no choice but to drive yet another hour to Sutherlin, OR. At 2 am, we FINALLY had pillows under our heads.

The next morning, we took full advantage of the hotel’s free, made-to-order breakfast, fueled up the car (they pump for you in OR!), and got a pleasant surprise when we stopped at Dutch Bros. Coffee – first-timers drink free!

Holy cow, they were giant iced caramel mochas! We ordered grandes, but they were at least the equivalent of a Starbucks Trenta…or a movie theater medium. Ha! Nice touch with the his and hers straws, though.

It was the perfect day for a road trip.

We stopped at the Mount Shasta overlook, but I preferred the view in the opposite direction. 

Fine, Mount Shasta was beautiful too – especially when we came around a bend to find it looming in front of us.

We stopped for lunch at Pollard Flat USA, a quirky roadside diner with a pet rattlesnake and a bathroom surprise.

Many miles of farmland later, we finally curved west towards Half Moon Bay.

We crossed the San Mateo Bridge just as the sun fell over the horizon.

By 8:30, we were standing on our balcony with a glass of wine in our hands. Ahh…vacation.


One thought on “Road Trip Weekend

  1. Forgot to mention the part where I convinced you to pull off at an army base exit to find a bathroom…and we ended up on the base, with no bathroom in sight. So I snuck into the soldier visitor center wearing a t-shirt with Arabic on it.


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