Happy Anniversary!

It’s been nine years (9!!!) since I stood up on a hill hiding behind a car waiting for RF to arrive at our wedding site. Per usual, he was late! The sun shone so warmly that day, despite everyone’s warnings that I should prepare to be cold. My cheeks buzzed as the butterflies multiplied in my stomach. I expected to be nervous, but I was really overwhelmingly excited – ready to skip down the aisle to tell RF all about my crazy day of getting ready for this moment, this huge moment in our life that seemed far more obvious than momentous. I couldn’t wait to see him smiling right back at the huge grin on my face.

Smiles were my tip off that we were meant to be. It’s hard to not have a smirk on your face when hanging out with this guy…


He’s an adventurer…


…a goofball…


…loves to play…

FullSizeRender 7

…and make silly faces.


Where there’s a digger to climb up to…


…a rock to climb on…


…a fort to climb into…


…or a car to climb out of, he’s there. Not surprising, considering we first met when he was climbing the walls in our college dorm hallway. I smirked about that too, even though I tried to hide it behind Sophomoric coolness.


The truth is, as much as I love that he makes me smile, I love it even more that I make him smile too. Happy Anniversary, RF!



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