It’s rare that I see a Facebook ad and get excited about a product, but this doorbell showed up in my feed the other day and I can’t stop thinking about it. We need this!!

I should probably explain that we don’t have a built-in doorbell at our house. I guess they weren’t de rigeur in 1910? Plus, we have a sun porch that makes it nearly impossible to hear when someone’s knocking. Thankfully, our Feline Secret Service usually tips us off. (Silas is a growler…) But, there are times when an actual notification would be helpful. (Sorry delivery guy standing out in the cold and pouring rain!)

So, in addition to the doorbell, I would need to add on the Chime. It plugs right into an outlet – no wiring required – and you can control the volume, or even set “do not disturb” times just like on your phone. I suppose it would defeat the purpose if I always left the volume off, just like I do on my phone… <sigh>

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 10.15.04 PM

I love that you can chat at people through the door. That way, I can be super crotchety and leave the sound on just to tell people to bugger off. I like how the woman in the video says she’s giving the kids a bath. Um, yeah…that’s what I’m doing too… Also, go away!

I would definitely need at least one extra Stick Up Cam. If I could sit at work and monitor my front door, I’m pretty sure I’d become more paranoid about our back door and need to watch that too! And the side gate? Garage??

ring cam

Now that I’m a cool grand into wireless video doorbells and accessories, thank goodness RF is into tech gadgets! And video!! Though, even he might send me to Home Depot for the $30 special. Ho hum. Well, I still have Ring to thank. Before their Facebook ad led me down this ding dong rabbit hole, I had no clue that you could even get wireless doorbells at Home Depot. Sounds like a weekend project is in the works…


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