Wanderlust-Surf Edition, Part 1


Mysterious Indonesian swell

Spring is here, summer is coming, and you’re lying if you say that beach vacations haven’t entered your mind recently. Well, maybe you’re not lying, and you really don’t think about beaches, sand, sun, water and waves. If that’s the case, I…can’t relate to you. But I defy you not to be moved by AT LEAST ONE of the pictures and/or videos in this post. I bet they’ll make beach lovers drool, and make the the ocean-averse rethink their entire existence. Hyperbole? Maybe. But look on and imagine warm temperatures (well, not ALL the locations that are highlighted are warm, but you’ll understand why I included them), a light offshore breeze, and the surge of adrenaline that comes from feeling the power of the ocean.

Surf-Puerto Rico Surf-Puerto Rico Left

(Pictured above: Puerto Rico-The same break. I had to include both pictures so you could see that you can go left or right from this peak. Regular and Goofy foots welcome!)

I know that Tracy has shared many of her dream locations for future vacations, and even some of our favorite spots that we have been lucky enough to visit.


That’s Tofino, Canada. We’ve been there…but not for long enough. It’s not tropical, but it’s a great place to watch storm surf…as long as you’re bundled up.

Tracy and I have had some adventures…but an African Surfari would really up our game. Not sure either of us is totally up for it in reality, but tell me that this video doesn’t make you want to go…

Yeah. I thought so. But to rein it in a bit, Tracy has mentioned recently that she wants to go to South America. She mentioned Chile, Uruguay and Argentina, but I’m suggesting Peru. Why? Well, look:

And while we’re in that area, how about the Galapagos? Not many people get to surf here, but those who do get this:

Out of breath yet? Let’s finish up with a nice, smooth serving of Oz.

So, though most of our beach vacations lately have been on the calm Caribbean (which I very much enjoy-no pressure to rip), you can see that my mind is wandering to, as Spicoli would say “A cool buzz and some tasty waves.”

Well. He says “cool buds”, but since that’s not my thing, I’ll get my buzz in other ways. Anyway, it’s been a while since I paddled out, but it might just be time to talk Tracy in to one of these destinations, and see if I have the nerve to join the lineup.


*Pictures and images courtesy of Surfer Magazine and Surfing Magazine.


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