Friday Finds


In case you missed it, Year of Months expanded to Instagram and Twitter this week. Follow along for behind-the-scenes photos and the latest updates.

We’ve been having some seriously spring-like weather here in Seattle. I can’t wait to have time this weekend to get outside and enjoy it! Hope it sticks around that long… This case of spring fever can only be cured by a preview of summertime fluff.



Wuut?!? Stripes, a flamingo, *and* monogrammed!?! I’m not sure I’m ready to give up my Gaudi sidewalk tile case, but this one from Minnie + Emma looks pretty perfect for the warmer months.




Do Epic Shit


I’m still giggling at this roundup of Minimalist Jewelry for Women Who Like to Swear. I could really go for a few “feminist as f*ck” pieces, but this necklace is pretty great too.





If you’re looking for a fun game for lazy afternoons or regular game nights, Guillotine is perfect! We played several rounds during our friends getaway and really enjoyed it. It’s easy to pick up and played in quick rounds, so folks can jump in our out as they wish.




Now Watching: Southern Charm! Such a hot hot mess.

Now Reading: My first (dreaming of the) beach read…The Rumor by Elin Hilderbrand

Now Listening: The New Hot 103.7…100% hip-hop throwbacks.


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