Surprise! You’re going to…

Would you let someone else plan your vacation? What if you had no idea what they were planning? What if you weren’t going to find out until you boarded the plane?! OMG. Hell no!! I mean, sign me up??

My friend KDub recently sent me this article about surprise travel planning company, Pack Up + Go. I was immediately intrigued by the concept of letting someone else plan me a secret trip…and also slightly terrified! Which, I told her, probably means that I’ll have to give it a try.


There is something liberating about leaving the legwork to someone else. Plus, they ask lots of questions about your likes and dislikes before picking a destination. I mean, I don’t *think* they’d send me adventure camping in a mosquito-filled jungle. Would they?

The other upside, as I see it, it not agonizing over which item to check off my bucket list next. I struggle with this…a lot. If there is one thing in life that I’m completely #FOMO about, it’s travel. There were so many things we hoped to see but never made it to while living in Spain. So, of course, I’m still dreaming of those places. But, South America! I’m definitely itching to hit up another continent. Of course, I’m also ready to just relax on vacation and not run around making sure that we see ALL the sights. Perhaps handing these decisions over to someone else is the perfect solution.


Further research revealed more surprise travel companies. Pack Up + Go focuses solely on 3-day getaways, which I think is brilliant – particularly for surprise trip novices like me. Their short trips rank very low on the potential for complete disaster scale. You’d probably have a pretty good sense for where they might send you based on where you live. I doubt you’d end up in Cambodia for 3 days from Austin, Texas. Though, I guess you never know!

Magical Mystery Tours plans longer trips, like Solo Vacays40th Birthday Getaways and Surprise HoneymoonsTravel by Surprise works much the same way – interview client, book airfare/accommodations/activities, send secret itinerary to be opened just before the trip. Plus, they’ll even come and capture your reaction to the big reveal.

San Diego

Bespoke travel is hardly a new concept. It’s hasn’t been so long since travel agencies were the norm. Companies like Abercrombie & Kent, Brown + Hudson, or agency style groups like AFAR Travel Advisory Council, still custom design luxury journeys for discerning travelers. Not that I wouldn’t consider an Around the World by Private Jet adventure! (From $129,000, FYI…) But these surprise getaways are more accessible to the average traveler. Pack Up + Go advertises trips in the hundreds of dollars, not hundreds of thousands.

Hmm…the more I think about it, the more I’m swayed to…Sign me up!!



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