Wildcats for the Win!

Did you sanction or scoff at my techniques for Picking a Bracket? I hope you saw the brilliance because…


Wuut?! I picked the 2016 NCAA Men’s Basketball National Champion?? Who’da thunk? Seriously. Would would have ever thought that I could pick the champs? Certainly, not I.

Early in the first round, I was shocked to be the only person in my office still at 100% after choosing rams (VCU) over beavers (Oregon State). It’s was quite an upset, but not entirely unpredictable. I mean, unless you’re a tree (Stanford?), beavers aren’t very menacing.

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 10.40.45 PM

Of course, later in the Round of 64, I fell just as hard as many others when Michigan State got knocked out by Middle Tennessee State University. Sadly, I didn’t take my own advice to opt for blue over green. You see, my cousin Anders is a Spartan. I chose family over format and got burned…and bad. I had them going all the way to the final.

At one point, March’s madness really set in. My percentage dropped into the 30s and I was convinced that I was done for. My bracket was particularly painful in the East. Slowly but surely, though, my plan won out. Competitors dropped like flies and my percentage crept back up with every Wildcat win.

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 10.17.34 PM.png

At the end of the championship game, after Marcus Paige’s incredible 3-point shot, immediately answered by Kris Jenkins’s shot as the buzzer blared, the dark blue Wildcats prevailed. And I landed in second place right behind GreatCrook. I couldn’t be happier! You see, in an office of sports dudes, two women picked Villanova to go all the way. I don’t care how we got there, just that the girls own all the bragging rights today. Great job, Nova! Oh, and…#yaysportsball!!


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