Breaking in the ScanPans!

As you might recall, I’ve been in the market for new non-stick skillets. After hours of online searches, several visits to kitchen stores, and much debate, I finally settled on ScanPans. Truthfully, it wasn’t a major “Aha!” moment that settled it. It was a brash Sur la Table saleswoman who basically told me that I would be stupid to get anything else. Well, alrighty then!

I was pretty convinced that I was going in for the GreenPan Diamond Clad Ceramic Nonstick Skillet Set, but after a strict talking to, I walked out with the ScanPan CTQ 2-Piece Skillet Set – 8″ and 10.25″. Both are PFOA-free, can be used with metal utensils (though, this is discouraged) and on induction cooktops, are oven and dishwasher safe, and have a lifetime warranty. As far as I can see, the main difference is that GreenPan is made in China and ScanPan is made in Denmark. Maybe Danes make better cookware? Sur la Table saleswoman sure thinks so.

Well, she’s the expert! I brought them home.


The obvious first test seemed to be frying an egg. We’ve been buying these awesome pasture-raised eggs that come with a dossier. Sorry, Portlandia joke. It’s not really a full dossier…I mean, they’re just eggs, not chickens!


Mostly, I just love how bright the yolks are. It reminds me of Spanish eggs, which just seemed more nutritious. Looks good in the pan, huh?


I will say that the texture of the ScanPan is more like a traditional nonstick than the GreenPan, which always struck me as very slick. The egg yolk didn’t run like I imagined in might in the GreenPan. Everything was going really well until…I flipped it.


The pan promises browning and good searing ability, and it doesn’t lie. I’ve never seen an egg brown quite like that. It’s almost like it turns eggs into pancakes. I guess that’s not something I should complain about? Hmm…still a little weird. Maybe I heated the pan up too much? I’ll have to try a lower and slower method next time to see what happens.

Once the center was set, I removed it from the pan and put in some leftover fried rice to reheat. My thoughts on the pan’s heat seemed somewhat founded – the rice browned and heated quickly; although, it didn’t burn. Everything slid right out of the pan with no additional oil or butter.


I popped the egg back on top, et voilà! Quick and easy lunch. Despite its quirky looks, the egg tasted good. Everything was delicious, but I’m definitely going to have to work on those eggs. I’ll try a scramble next time to see what happens. For now…Mmm.




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