Picking a Bracket

Still making last-minute picks for your March Madness brackets? I jumped into the pool again this year without having any clue how to swim…or rather, shoot…basketballs. So, I developed a handy set of parameters to help me select the winning teams. If you are as clueless as I am, but want to play along, here are my tips for filling out your bracket:

Wisconsin v Duke

Duke – 2015 NCAA Men’s Final Four National Champions – So much BLUE!!!

Is the team color blue? Apparently, blue teams have a proven advantage. Forbes claims that, “Since 1939 blue has been the dominant team color of schools who have gone to the Final Four (44%), the Final Two (55%) and won the championship (55%).” My father went to Duke. They’ve won a lot. They won last year! Their team color is blue. Heck, their mascot is a “blue” devil…whatever that is. I’m sold. But, what if neither…or both…teams are blue?


When your state is so basketball they make a movie about it.

Is the state a “basketball state”? I think we can all agree that some states are predestined to be good at certain sports. Nothing comes between Texas and their football, amirite? Well, basketball is no exception. In fact, Bleacher Report considers Texas a top producer of basketball stars too. (What is up with Texas?!) Don’t worry…other states are top producers too. If Indiana is facing New Mexico, my money’s on Indiana all the way! But, what if Indiana and Notre Dame are facing off?


More menacing than your average TURTLE!! But still…a turtle.

Mascots. Blue Devils aside (seriously, what are they?!), most teams have mascots with measurable qualities. Wildcats vs. Terrapins? Easy. Eagles vs. Orange? Sorry, Syracuse…you’re goin’ down! The fact that there are four wildcats and five bulldogs in the tourney do not make this easy. Hopefully they’ve already been winnowed out by other factors. But, that does bring us to the final factor…


University of Hawaii Rainbow Warrior

Je ne sais quois! Sometimes, you just have to go with your gut. Sometimes, you have to throw all reason out the window (because this system of analysis is entirely reasonable!) and route for the underdog…or a Rainbow Warrior! There are sure to be upsets. Take advantage of your voodoo senses to cash in! At the end of the day, it’s all in good fun anyway.

So, who did I pick to win it all? A blue team from a reasonably basketbally state and a fierce mascot…with bonus points for their “V” for Victory, of course!


Villanova Wildcats!

Disclaimer: This system of selection is based upon neither experience nor fact. You do realize that I have zero expertise in the realm of college basketball, right? Use these tips at your own risk! (Or reward!!)


3 thoughts on “Picking a Bracket

  1. At first I thought it was kind of cool that we both chose the same team to take it all this year. I’m not so sure now; although, I did find your methodology *highly* amusing.
    Screw it! I hope that your methodology works and you win the office competition (even if it means I come in 2nd).


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