Monday Meals: Different Tastes

Last week, Food and Wine published a recipe for Willie Nelson’s Favorite Chili. (Note: It’s vegan!) I’m not entirely sure why I would think that Willie Nelson would be a fantastic source for a particularly delicious chili, but I was immediately intrigued. The only problem, other than the somewhat lengthy list of ingredients and detailed pepper preparation (apparently I have simpler tastes than Willie), was the fact that RF just really does not like chili.

What? I know. Who in the world doesn’t like chili? Or cooked fruit? I would say that boy’s weird, but I have to own up to some particular disapproving tastes of my own. As I sit here complaining, I’m sure he’s off somewhere bemoaning the fact that I never cook anything with mushrooms or blue cheese. But…but…those things are GROSS!!

Thankfully, there are very few foods that RF likes but I don’t, and vice versa. In fact, I enjoy stealing olives and pickled foods off of his plate. (He has, however, made fun of me for putting the olive pits back on his plate so that I don’t look like an olive hog. This happened quite frequently in Spain where olives were commonly set out for all diners. Sigh.) He, too, will kindly rid me of any mushrooms that have snuck into my meals. But there are these crossover items that aren’t so easy.

Chili is chili. It’s the whole shebang. If I make chili, RF can’t very well work around the parts he doesn’t like. He’s stuck making faces, and I’m stuck looking at them…and feeling bad, of course. Alas, I only make chili about once a year when friends are coming over to help me polish it off. This weekend would have been perfect for it! Crazy bursts of wind, intermittent torrential rains, quick bouts of blinding sun breaks, then repeat. The kind of day when you just want to snuggle into the couch and watch Netflix…with a big bowl of Willie’s Chili! But nope. We snuck off to see Deadpool, and indulged in a giant bag of popcorn and a box of Butterfingers instead.

If you (and everyone in your house) like chili, and you give this one a try, please tell me all about it so that I can live vicariously through you. I’m certain that it’s as close as I’ll ever get to Willie Nelson.


2 thoughts on “Monday Meals: Different Tastes

    • No!! How could I have missed that one?!? I was probably busy contemplating how Weird Al should do a Sir Mix-a-Lot cover along the lines of, “…don’t want none unless you’ve got PUNS, hun!” Or chili. I could have been contemplating chili!


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