Friday Finds


Oh Mister, I’m dreaming of springtime too! (Oscar got so much attention yesterday that I had to work in a picture of Silas too.) What are you up to this weekend? I’m going wedding dress shopping! No, not for myself…thank goodness. I’d much prefer to be asking than answering the question, “So, are you saying yes to this dress??” Should be fun.

Giant Dog



Have you seen this guy and his GIANT dog? Hilarious. I clearly need to work on my photoshopping skills. I would love to sleep on a bed of Silas and Oscar, even if just in a pic.





Spicy Pimento Goat Cheese?! Yes. So much yes. This recipe is from Jason Alley of Comfort and Pasture in Richmond, Virginia.Pimento cheese is one of my faves, and I completely agree with Jason that store bought is best. But, as soon as I can figure out what sambal oelek is, and where to buy it, I will report back.


What in the world are coffee naps?! Have you read about this? Have you tried it?? I’m skeptical, but definitely intrigued.


What I’m reading… Bad Latch, Curtis Sittenfeld (I also recommend her novels Prep and American Wife, one of my all-time faves.)

What I’m watching… Cuckoo with Andy Samberg – Netflix. How do I not already know about this? Saw a promo while watching HoC. Will be checking it out this weekend!

What I’m listening to… Don’t Worry About Me, Frances


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