Cats Make the Best Coworkers

On days when I’m stuck in the office, I like to think about the days when I get to work at home with this little guy.


Oscar. AKA…Smidge, Smidgey, Boo Boo, Bubby, Bubbub, Bub, Little Bub, Li’l Tumbleweed… (Oh, the list goes on and on.)


He’s my buddy, and the World’s Best Coworker. He thinks my work is brilliant, which is, of course, how I know that he’s super smart. He likes to sit on my arm when he thinks I’ve been working too hard. “Let’s snuggle, instead!” he says.


He has great ideas. But sometimes I have deadlines, in which case he just cozies right on up to me and snoozes anyway.


Man, I love this guy. I hope he brings a smile to your day too!



4 thoughts on “Cats Make the Best Coworkers

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