This Brownie Mix Is Bella!

It’s been almost three  years since I took the gluten-free plunge. I know that my tastes have adapted to the shift, and that the average gluten eater would still find many of the alternatives to doughy goodness that I’ve accepted as inevitable completely unpalatable. Though, trust me when I tell you that pre-packaged gluten-free food has really stepped up its game in the past couple of years. Bakers have become much more savvy about alternative flour blends and their best uses. Fine. Udi’s bagels are no La Bagel Delight, but also not so far off from your average grocery store bagel. Certainly better than the thought of never having another bagel in my life!

Of course, I was still skeptical when I was gifted Bella Gluten-Free Chewy Chocolate Brownie Mix a few weeks back.


The little tub was cute! And who could resist the promise of delicious brownies in just minutes? But…the brownies in the picture looked way too legit to be gluten-free. How could they possibly be so fluffy? Most gluten-free brownies are dense blocks of chocolate. Not always bad, mind you, but not your typical boxed brownie.

Tasked with bringing dessert to dinner at a friend’s house this weekend, I decided to take the plunge and give them a try. That’s right…when in doubt, always plan on foisting potentially disastrous baked goods off on your friends! Oh, don’t worry, I’m not completely evil – I purchased a pint of Talenti as a backup.

Imagine my surprise when the brownies were really good! Moist, chewy, and not at all dense. Look at the moist crumbs and all of those air pockets! (And, full disclosure, this was taken after they spent a night in our fridge…)


RF thought they weren’t chocolatey enough; though, that’s his typical response to all dessert, chocolate or not. They have chocolate chips inside! How can that not be chocolatey enough?! JP called out the vanilla bean right away. I thought they were great. I can’t tell you the last time I’ve had a simple but delicious brownie.

As it turns out, Bella makes a bunch of other baking mixes. All are 100% natural, non-GMO, allergen-friendly. I cannot wait to try the Tender Flakey Biscuit Mix and Rustic Multigrain Dinner Roll Mix. Each product page offers variations that look fun to try too!

I know it’s starting to sound like it, but this post is not sponsored…I’m just a fan.



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