Friday Finds


Spring is starting to burst forth here in Seattle. On the heels (hopefully) of Seattle’s wettest wet season ever, it’s refreshing to see cherry blossoms, tulip trees, and camellias signaling brighter days to come. Sadly, there is nothing but clouds and rain in the forecast for this weekend, but I am holding out hope for more blue skies on the horizon.


Today’s the day! What could be a more welcome distraction from this madhouse election season than the return of President Underwood? The New York Times put together this nice refresher for those of us who haven’t watched since we binged Season 4 a year ago.



Welcome to Soothe, the latest convenience in our on-demand economy. The app delivers same-day massages, and just expanded service from L.A. to cities across the U.S. Relaxation is just a click away! (Awesome deck not included.)




OK, this is pretty funny.

My answer: the perfect amount of green tea lemonade with two pumps classic.



Now Watching: Viceland, the new network from Vice went live this week. How to Watch!

Now Reading: Doing a TED Talk: The Full Story (Wait But Why)

Now Listening: 55, The Knocks…feat. Wyclef Jean, X Ambassadors, and…Carly Rae Jepson?


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