Little Yellow House

I’m always hunting for cute little houses – both here in Seattle and further afield, but the hometown came through this week. How cute is this little yellow house?


Only 690 square feet, but they appear to be laid out very efficiently. Granted, real estate photography is prone to some pretty advanced trickery, but it looks like you can make the most of every inch in this house. Plus, the lot is just over 5,000 sq ft, so there’s plenty of room to spread out(doors)…at least when the weather’s nice. Let’s not talk about that this week, shall we?

With appropriately scaled furniture, the living room is very functional.


The neighborhood looks quite nice, assuming this isn’t photoshopped! I didn’t check Google Street View.


The kitchen could use some additional styling help. The lower cabinets actually look newer, but I think they would be much more chic, not to mention tie together the mix of black and stainless appliances and green upper cabinets, if they were painted a cool medium tone grey.


I’m not sure what you’d do with that tile floor. A fun area rug? Seems weird in a kitchen, I know, but there was one in our house when it was on the market and it was actually quite lovely.

It’s also likely that many will snark about laundry in the kitchen. Eh, get over it. It’s really not that big of a deal – that’s what laundry baskets are for! Go fold in the bedroom.


Speaking of, they only show a bed in this pic, but it seems a good size. Given the era of the home (c. 1941), my bet is that the closet is small, but there’s room enough for a dresser or two.


Nothing makes a second bedroom look bigger, or sweeter, than only putting a crib in it. I bet you could squeeze a double in here, though. At the very least, it would make a nice office.


The bathroom looks a little stark. White opens everything up, yes, but I think this space could handle a little more drama!


And ah, that backyard! How lucky they were to catch it on a sunny day. Plenty of room to garden and entertain. I can imagine a fire pit out there somewhere…


Or, a patio expansion. There’s definitely room to play with this space! And in that tree…


Could you see yourself here?  Or way too small??


2 thoughts on “Little Yellow House

    • The listing indicates a wood exterior – most likely cedar. It’s a bargain at only $507/sq ft! Yep, $350,000. Though, I’ll be on the lookout to see for how much over list it actually goes.


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