Friday Finds


Will you be watching The Oscars this weekend? I know we will. There’s lots on the agenda between now and then, but I can’t wait to plant myself on the couch with RF, S&O, our Chinese blanket, and a bag of kettle korn – my Red Carpet tradition.



Speaking of the Red Carpet…I’m curious to see if reporters will be participating in the Representation Project #askhermore campaign. We can talk about women’s *and* men’s fashion…but, if you’re gong to ask men the hard-hitting questions, there is zero reason not to ask women the same. Don’t you agree?





If, however, fashion is your true jam, Erin over at Elements of Style has pulled together a nice list of red carpet fashion predictions. I’ll admit, I too am looking forward to seeing some beautiful clothes. This stunner is, appropriately, from Oscar…de la Renta. How could you choose any other designer for this occasion?





My kettle korn tradition might have tipped you off to my low-brow party food tastes. I’m pigs in a blanket over paté all the way. Perhaps that’s why I find these champagne jello shots so intriguing…



Want to read… Life From Scratch, A Memoir of Food, Family, and Forgiveness, after deciding this week that my memoir would be titled, “Stripes Is a Color in My Closet”.

Want to watch… Vulcan Production’s documentary, Body 12, after reading this article.

Want to listen to…  Ultralight Beam, while I try to figure out how Kanye West is broke.


One thought on “Friday Finds

  1. I miss enjoying the Oscars. It used to be such a big deal to me. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve left LA or what. I think I get bored with the thank you speeches. LOL! I love the dresses and the glamour but the show itself not so much anymore.


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