Grease or Greece

INT: A Seattle Home on a Saturday Afternoon in February. TRACY and RF are sitting on a living room COUCH

Tracy- “You should write a blog post for next week.” (Batting eyes and moving closer flirtatiously)

Me- “Sure, I’d be glad to write one. But I don’t have any ideas.” (Guilty, downcast look)

Tracy-“It’s OK. I can do it.

Cut To

INT: A Neighborhood Diner/Restaurant, the “The 14 Carrot” Tracy and RF walk through the crowded restaurant behind a WAITRESS, and are seated at a table.

Waitress (to Tracy)- “Corned beef hash, hash browns, gluten free toast, right?”

Tracy- “That’s right!”

Waitress (turning to RF)- “And the usual for you too”

RF- “Yup, Farmer Breakfast.”

Waitress- “You got it.”

Tracy (looking at Blog statistics on her phone)- “Maybe you should write this week’s Wanderlust post.”

RF (Looking a little nervous)- “I could, but…uh…I don’t know where I’d write about.”

Tracy looks a little disappointed.

RF (cont’d)- “I mean…you’ve already written about all the places I want to go.”

He realizes how lame this sounds.

RF (cont’d)-“I can probably come up with something.”

Tracy- “That’s ok…

The vivacious, eccentric owner of the restaurant, TERRY, comes over to the table.

Terry- “Hi Kids, how are you? I want to see those pictures you took in Spain!”

Tracy brings up her instagram feed, and scrolls through the pictures, telling Terry stories about some of them.

RF stares into space, zoning out a little. After a moment, he looks at the wall, and sees a poster of LEROS, the Greek island where Terry is from. It looks like this: Leros

There’s another poster, a little higher on the wall.


Terry notices a customer waiting by the cash register to pay, and hustles off, mumbling something about coming back so Tracy can show her how to log in to Instagram.


Tracy is confused.

Tracy- “They haven’t even brought the food yet.

RF- “Not GREASE, GREECE!” (Points to the posters)

Tracy is still confused.

RF- “I’ll do that Wanderlust post!”


*Disclaimer: Descriptions of flirtatiousness and/or eccentricity may have been exaggerated for dramatic effect. In fact, all details in the above scene may or may not have happened, and/or liberties may or may not have been taken with the actual sequence of events, and transcription of conversations. The author makes no claims of authenticity whatsoever regarding…anything.

He does, however, want to go to Greece.


Tracy and I do indeed frequent The 14 Carrot Cafe in Eastlake (Seattle). Terry really is the owner, she’s from Greece, and quite proud of it-though she spent enough time in Brooklyn to have the brash, East Coast attitude that’s refreshing to see in laid-back Seattle. She takes great care of us whenever we visit the restaurant (where we’ve been going almost weekly for like…more years than I’d like to admit right now.) And by the way, The 14 Carrot is NOT a greasy diner. Not at all. But you can see how I couldn’t resist that little bit of wordplay, right? (Hope Terry gets it and isn’t mad at me…)

Anyway, there really are posters of Leros on the wall of the cafe, and anytime we’re seated near one of them, my mind wanders. I dream about visiting Greece, and as many of the Greek Islands as possible. The pictures I’ve seen of whitewashed buildings, sun-drenched beaches, and historic ruins…not to mention the FOOD, makes me wish I was there RIGHT NOW. On the day dramatized above, I realized that this feeling is the very definition of “Wanderlust.” So, inspiration struck, and now I can’t get it out of my head. Sure, I’d love to visit all the places that Tracy has written about (The Maldives, Paris, Koselig), but I’ve had the desire to visit Greece since I first read the Odyssey and watched “Clash of the Titans” as a kid.

So, will it be next on the list? I don’t know…but maybe if this post gets enough views, I’ll be able to convince Tracy that it should be! (Hint Hint!)


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